Major developments with Extreme E – a new form of racing to highlight climate change!!

BestDrive are delighted to advise that significant developments have been announced in the last two weeks in relation to Extreme E, which is a new form of racing that is specifically designed to bring attention to the impact of vehicles on the environment and also to show the considerable work that Continental (our parent company) have made as a founding partner and lead sponsor of Extreme E.

The concept of Extreme E is that 8 teams will take place in the series, and they will drive in 5 climate affected areas around the world, using ELECTRIC SUV’s on newly designed Continental tyres.

All the participating cars are the same (Odyssey 21) and each team will have to have their cars driven by a team of one male and one female driver. The regions are dramatic to say the least, including the Amazon and the Artic Circle and we have amazing news that the current 6 times Formula 1 world racing champion, Lewis Hamilton, has just confirmed that he will have one of the teams under his own name, such is his interest in making the world aware of the environmental impact that we are all facing.

BestDrive are delighted to be able to support and promote Extreme E and you can follow superb videos of the locations and get a fuller understanding of what is happening with Extreme E on our very own BestDrive Ireland Facebook page.