General Tire Car Tyres

General Tire Car Tyres

General Tire – Quality 4×4 solutions supplied by BestDrive for Irish Motorists.


BestDrive by Continental are a leading supplier of tyres in Ireland, one of the speciality tyres that we stock is General Tire for the 4×4/SUV motorist.

General Tire, as a part of Continental AG,was founded in 1915. With a proud heritage spanning more than a century, the company was acquired by Continental in 1987.

Today, operating worldwide, General Tire manufactures tyres for cars, trucks and industrial applications, as well as specialty tires for 4×4 vehicles.

BestDrive carry stocks of General Tire in all of our branches nationwide.Whether it’s tyres for ‘On-Road’ or ‘Off-road’ use, we are confident that we have a range of suitable tyres for you and your vehicle.

General Grabber GT Plus

A summer tyre with SUV-dedicated robustness and lower rolling resistance

With the new Grabber GT Plus, off-road 4×4 tyre specialist, General Tire is launching an innovative summer tyre for SUVs and 4×4 vehicles. Drivers who opt for this tyre will experience what the Plus in the name promises: a marked improvement in performance in all areas affecting economy and safety. By way of example, the tyre developers have managed to reduce the rolling resistance of the Grabber GT Plus by a substantial 12 percent compared to its proven predecessor, while at the same time achieving five percent more mileage. This is even more remarkable, given that they have also succeeded in delivering a tangible boost in wet-weather performance. On the EU tyre label, all Grabber GT Plus products show A-class performance for wet grip. On dry roads, the Grabber GT Plus offers substantially shorter braking distances, improved handling performance and the EU label noise category will enjoy a 17% improvement over its predecessor.

General Grabber X3 and Grabber AT3

All-terrain tyres for on- and off-road driving
  • Grabber X3 delivers strong grip and robust performance even in tough terrain

  • Grabber AT3 combines high off-road performance with safe on-road handling

  • Heritage-rich General Tire continues its product offensive with SUV tyres for on- and off-road use. The latest Grabber X3 caters for driving in tough terrain whilst the Grabber AT3 tackles mixed on- and off-road use.

    Both tyres feature the robust characteristics and high grip that General Tire is renowned for. The Grabber X3 has an on/off-road ratio of 20/80 percent, while the Grabber AT3 has a ratio of 50/50. The latest General Tire products offer new solutions in its core all-terrain segment for off-road driving enthusiasts, as well as professionals in the construction, agricultural and forestry sectors who demand maximum mobility in even the toughest conditions.

    The Grabber X3 is available in 19 sizes for rims from 15 to 19 inches, while the Grabber AT3 will be available for rims from 15 to 20 inches. Both models will bear the M+S mark and the snowflake symbol, indicating their suitability for all-season use.

    General tires are manufactured to the highest standards and offer real value for money with the knowledge that over 100 years of production has developed one of the world’s leading 4×4 tyres.

    Further information regarding selecting the right General Tire for your car is available through any BestDrive branch nationwide.

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