Best Drive Warranty

BestDrive Warranty

Warranty with BestDrive by Continental


BestDrive by Continental wish to advise customers of the policy regarding warranty following and repairs or service with the company.

Customers should be aware that following any “Car Service” or “repairs” carried out by BestDrive in any of the nominated branches, that should any issue arise with any of the work or the products fitted as part of your vehicles service or repair, that BestDrive will give a “FULL 12 month – no quibble warranty” on ALL work that has been carried out by our staff.

Please note:


For customers to receive warranty cover on any of the situations previously listed, the customer must first raise the matter formally with the BestDrive branch in question within a reasonable time frame (this time frame is determined by BestDrive), and then the vehicle must be returned to BestDrive for inspection before any subsequent repairs are carried out, as BestDrive will not approve warranty repair based on any third party inspection report or invoice.


All warranty repair work that has been sanctioned by BestDrive, will be carried out by BestDrive unless agreed approval has been pre authorized by BestDrive for another party to complete the work in question.


Some products supplied by BestDrive to customers may already have extended warranties in place outside of a 12 month period,  and in these cases BestDrive will refer these products to the supplier to agree warranty policies and claims on the customers behalf.


BestDrive will make every effort to have any of these issues processed in the shortest timeframe, but customers should note that third parties are involved and delays can occur in claim submissions.


If customers have any queries regarding how warranties are applied please contact your local BestDrive branch and they will try to answer your query.


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