Barum Car Tyres

Barum Car Tyres

Barum – The smart choice for affordable, durable tyres.


Barum tyres represent the successful synthesis of versatility and robustness at a good price. They deliver impressively high mileage and well-balanced driving characteristics.

If you have to rely on your vehicle, then Barum is the right choice for you. Barum produces tyres in Europe‘s most modern factories under the umbrella of the powerful
Continental Group. Barum is one of the most successful tyre manufacturers in Central Europe and stands for the clearly defined brand claim.

Barum Tyres are sold exclusively through BestDrive by Continental in Ireland and are a leading quality tyre favourite for the Irish motorist.


Interested in Barum Tyres? Visit your nearest BestDrive branch to talk with our experts. Learn more about the tyres stocked at BestDrive.

Barum Tyres offer Irish consumers an exceptional balance between price and performance. Barum Tyres has been well established and produced in Europe (for over 60 years) and is manufactured by Continental. Barum only benefits from the experience and technological competence as part of one of Europe’s leading tyre companies.

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