FREE Safety Check

A five point health check for your car
Our cars are so central to our lives that we can take them for granted. So it's important to remember that even when your car appears to be driving well, there might be some hidden fault that could cost you down the road or even put you and your family in danger.

That’s why it’s important to check your car regularly. At BestDrive by Continental we feel so strongly about safety, we offer our 5 Point Safety Check – FREE of charge.

Safety Check


Safety first

It’s important to pre-book your free 5 Point Safety Check so we can be sure our qualified ATA technicians and mechanics are available to look after your car. Whatever make, model or marque of car you drive, our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment will recognise it and access any relevant manufacturer service instructions. We then undertake a full and thorough check of the key safety features in your car, these include:

• Tyres
• Brakes
• Shocks
• Lights/levels
• Wipers

On completion of your 5 Point Safety Check, we will give you a report outlining any work that needs to be done, complete with our no-obligation quote for completion of that work, should you wish us to do it for you.

You can also read about our other car servicing options, including the BestDrive full service, interim service and NCT first time pass service.

You can also book a specific free pre NCT check.

We service all makes and models, to the best economy and performance.

Know your stopping distance

On wet roads, premium tyres can decrease your stopping distance.