Full Car Servicing

Improved fuel economy, safety and best of all, peace of mind. A Full Service at BestDrive by Continental includes a 35 point check of your car, a replacement filter and an oil change. With your car well maintained, you save up to 4% on fuel*. In the longer term, you’ll avoid expensive maintenance. BestDrive are delighted to advise that all FULL services will get a FREE interior Sanitisation as part of the new service package.

Most of important of all, with your tyres, brakes, battery and engine checked, you and your family will be safer. That’s peace of mind.

Full Service

From €229

Knowing what’s around the corner

When we say ‘Full Service’ that’s just what we mean. No matter which BestDrive branch you go to, you’ll be given the same, thorough 35 point check, giving you a clear picture of your car’s actual condition, so you know what to expect down the road. For best performance, all manufacturers recommend full services at specific mileage intervals. But even if you don’t drive your car that much, it’s advisable to have it serviced every 12 to 15 months, so you can be sure that your oil, filter, brake fluid and tyres are all up to spec.

To book your service, call your nearest BestDrive branch now. Alternatively, you can book on line with ease on a day that suits you, or you can read about our other car servicing options.

Lost without a car?

If you need a car to cover you during your service, let us know and we’ll look to arrange one for you through some of our fleet partners.

*Source: careaware.ie

We service all makes and models, to the best economy and performance.

Know your stopping distance

On wet roads, premium tyres can decrease your stopping distance.