Interim Servicing

Because you work it hard, your car deserves it.

If you drive a lot, it pays to give it just a bit more attention with an Interim Service.

The main focus of an interim service is an oil change and a replacement filter. And while we’re at it, we always check all the key aspects of your car – engine, brakes, tyres – and we will be able to advise you of any upcoming issues.

Interim Service

From €125

Looking after your investment

When a car is well looked after, everything works more efficiently. In the short term, that means saving money through fuel efficiency. According to a well maintained engine delivers 4% better fuel economy than car that’s neglected.

If you’re driving a lot, that’s a lot of money. In the longer term, however, having your car checked more frequently helps you to nip bigger problems in the bud. Replacing a small component today could save you from having to replace a larger, more expensive part later on. This is particularly true of older cars.

To book your interim service, call your nearest BestDrive by Continental now. Alternatively, you can book on line with our ‘Get a quote” form.

Or you can read about our other car servicing options, including the BestDrive full service.

Lost without a car?

If you need a car to cover you during your service, let us know and we’ll look to arrange one for you through some of our fleet partners.

We service all makes and models, to the best economy and performance.

Know your stopping distance

On wet roads, premium tyres can decrease your stopping distance.