4 Key Questions About Electric Vehicles

Key Questions About EV

What range do I need?

A common and usually the first question asked when someone gets a new EV is “what’s the range?”. For some reason, people are obsessed with the range of an electric vehicle. Rightly so but if you ask the question in return “what range do you need?” then things get a little trickier.

If you are thinking of going electric, then start thinking about what range you actually need for the majority of your journeys. What and where do you go every day or week. Start tracking how many kilometres you would need for 90%+ of your journeys. A new or used EV may be perfect for you once you know this figure. 

You may be lucky to go on holidays once or twice a year, like how often you take longer journeys to visit family or friends. You wouldn’t carry a suitcase around with you every day, so don’t get hung up on thinking you need a large battery EV for only a few trips a year. 

On Nevo.ie, we have a handy journey planner to help you see what and where the chargers are located in Ireland so you can see where you could stop if you needed to charge on those longer journeys.

What type of electric vehicle do I need?

When it comes to cars shapes and sizes in Ireland, we are a little obsessed with the SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle style of car, even though we may not be a professional sporting athlete or need that much utility. There are some great varieties, shapes and sizes when it comes to electric cars. How an EV is manufactured (typically with a skateboard platform) will start to really highlight how many different body forms and configurations can be achieved. 

One of our most popular features is our handy filters. Here you can filter by range, price and even make. Once you have a shortlist, you can use our comparison tool to view lots of stats any maybe even realise that the estate version gives you more boot space for example!


How safe are electric cars?

When it comes to choosing a car safety should be one of the key considerations you make, in particular, the safety features the car comes with and how it performed in crash tests. All electric cars are subject to the same stringent crash tests and ratings as all other cars. The Euro NCAP an independent organisation established in 1997 rates the safety performance of cars on a five-star scale. 

A top rating indicates an overall excellent performance by the car in crash protection tests and that it is well equipped with comprehensive and robust crash avoidance technology, while a zero-star safety rating means that while the car may meet type-approval standards so it can legally be sold, it is lacking critical modern safety technology.


Are electric cars more likely to go on fire than petrol or diesel cars?

Battery fires tend to get considerable media attention, but they are rare and generally fires involving combustion engines are far more common. It is also worth remembering that car fires are far less common today than they were a few decades ago.

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Where can I charge my electric vehicle?

Questions around charging an EV are probably the ones we hear most from people considering going electric. One of those questions is from people wondering where will they charge an EV if they get one.

It’s a good question because you won’t be going anywhere in your EV if you don’t charge it up first! But it’s also something that can be quite daunting for those that are new to the EV scene. There are far too many incorrect and exaggerated reports on the EV charging infrastructure in Ireland. Sure, it’s not perfect, and there are many improvements to be made, but it’s much better than many make it out to be.

So in this piece, we’re going to go through the many places where you can charge your EV. From your home to work, from Malin Head to Mizen Head, we’ll be listing out the numerous ways to charge up and get back on the road.

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