At BestDrive by Continental we feel so strongly about brake safety that we will check yours for FREE. Our Free brake checks only takes a few minutes could save lives.

No matter how powerful or well-tuned your engine may be, always remember that it’s your brakes and your tyres that stand between you and an accident.

It’s important to check your brakes:

  • If your brake pedal feels either hard or spongy.
  • If your car won’t stop easily.
  • If the steering wheel vibrates or pulls to one side.
  • If the handbrake isn’t functioning well.
  • If the light on the dashboard shows red.
  • If your FREE brake check indicates work is required, we will give you a no obligation quote.

FREE Brake Check


  • Properly maintained brakes are essential for your safety.
  • An Best Drive brake check is FREE.
  • We will give you an no-obligation quote.

* We’ll contact you to confirm your booking, with an exact price, before any work is carried out.

Know your stopping distance

On wet roads, premium tyres can decrease your stopping distance.