BestDrive by Continental is the leading independent tyre supplier in Ireland and stock a huge range of tyres to cater for all makes and models of car as well as a variety of price ranges. Our top-selling brands include Continental, General, BestDrive (our own brand) Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, Michelin, Barum & Sportiva.


Premium Tyres

from €95

  • Better grip in the wet
  • Shorter stopping distance
  • They cost more but you get more
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Quality Tyres

from €70

  • Longer stopping distance
  • More frequent replacement
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Economy Tyres

from €58

  • NCT approved
  • Tests show stopping distance up to 25% longer
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Tyre Check

from FREE

  • Tyre check could save lives
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We stock all approved tyre brands to make sure we have the right for your car.