Business Customers

Business Customers

At BestDrive by Continental, we are a business, so we understand the pressures, demands and economies involved in managing your business’s assets and equipment. We also understand that every vehicle you have off the road is an additional expense. We provide a fast, economical and efficient service to all business customers, safeguarding the investment they’ve made in their vehicles and minimising their running costs.

Commercial Vehicles

Whether your have a sales team on the road in saloon cars or a fleet of vans delivering across the country, BestDrive by Continental will keep your vehicles in tip top condition. With our nationwide network of 29 branches, we are ideally placed to service vehicles on the spot, with centralised costing and billing. Whether the driver is based in Donegal, Waterford or Killarney, you can rest assured that the vehicle is maintained effectively and economically.

Fleet Inspections

If required, BestDrive by Continental will undertake a thorough fleet inspection, to assess the condition of your overall investment. Some of our customers schedule this as a regular inspection, others on a one-off basis. And, because of our nationwide network of branches, we can undertake an inspection with the minimum disruption to your day-to-day work.

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