It's Time, Let's Go Electric

Based in Dublin and launched in 2022, Nevo is Ireland’s home to every fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle available in the market. The comprehensive platform empowers the Irish public to learn about, browse and compare different electric vehicles in one location. Once you find the perfect EV for you, a user focused design allows you simply book a test drive in under 30 seconds. What’s more, Nevo has partnered with industry leaders to get you motoring, such as finance solutions from Bank of Ireland Finance, insurance offerings by AXA Insurance, and also LeasePlan to help making the switch even easier.

Make the Switch to Electric with Nevo

Nevo knows there is more to going electric than simply finding the perfect electric vehicle to suit your needs. That’s why they offer a dedicated help and advice section on-site where you can read the latest expert articles about all things electric motoring. Nevo’s EV expert Derek Reilly is also on hand with the latest electric vehicle reviews with Ireland’s #1 EV review channel.

A Seamless Transition to Electric Driving, For Everyone

Nevo has developed a collection of unique tools with one purpose, to make your switch to electric seamless. Nevo’s Comparison Tool empowers you to browse and compare every electric vehicle in one convenient destination. Select different vehicles and compare key details such as range, price,  performance, and much more. What’s more, Nevo’s Journey Planner is designed to make every journey in your EV effortless. Simply enter your journey details and vehicle, and Nevo will guide you to your destination with a tailored made route accounting for charging stops bespoke to your EV.

Key Questions about EV

What range do I need? Where do I charge it? How safe are Electric vehicles?

Read Nevo’s comprehensive answers to these important questions.

EV Servicing

FROM €90

BestDrive have a range of specialised EV service packages for all EV Motorists.