Free Pre NCT Check

The primary aim of the NCT is to improve road safety and enhance environmental protection by reducing harmful vehicles emissions in Ireland. The NCT applies to all cars over 4 years old and is a statutory requirement to pass every 2 years. Once a vehicle gets to 10 years old the law has changed so that each vehicle must pass the NCT test each year. It is now a serious offence to drive a car without a "valid" NCT certificate and as well as a fine it also carries 3 penalty points which could have an effect on your insurance premium as insurance surcharges usually apply once a driver gets to 5 points.

So with a high fail rate, (approximately half of the vehicles pass on the first test - Source it is vital that drivers give themselves every chance to pass the test first time and save themselves time and money.

Free Pre NCT Check



BestDrive by Continental, Ireland’s leading independent motor maintenance company has a FREE Pre NCT check that we can carry out on your vehicle to help identify items that we feel will be raised by the NCT centre when you car is presented for the test. We cannot guarantee that you will pass the NCT test at any stage (even after we have checked the car) as the equipment used by ourselves and the test centres can vary, but we can give you a very good indication as to our findings and the solution for same.

Key points:

• The check is FREE


• It is advisable to make a booking for the check in any of our branches nationwide


• The comprehensive check will take about 1 hour to complete but please check with the local manager about the time required on the day of booking (items covered include Brake hoses and flex cables, lights, levels, seat belts, warning lights, steering linkages and of course tyres)


• BestDrive will check for the main failure items that are promoted by the NCT centre each year as well as checking you car for safety items that are not included in the NCT (Brake pad/disk depth readings versus the manufacturer specifications etc)


• Customer should be more confident in the car and its ability to pass the test after the free Pre NCT check and any other work that has been competed


• Customers should note that BestDrive by Continental do not carry out Emission testing or Brake /shock balance as part of the Pre NCT check

So please call your local branch today or book online here

Alternatively, you can also find out more about our special NCT first-time pass service.

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