Techron – Exclusively from BestDrive by Continental

Techron is a revolutionary new engine treatment developed by Chevron and available exclusively through BestDrive by Continental.

Adding Techron to a full tank of fuel cleans the entire engine system, from your fuel tank to the exhaust, and as that fill is consumed, optimising fuel consumption and raising efficiency throughout the system. From the moment you refill the car, your engine begins to save you money on fuel. Independent tests on a wide variety of vehicles have shown Techron to reduce fuel consumption by 8%, on average over petrol and diesel cars over 3 years old.

Techron can be included as part of your car’s servicing or you can come in for a fill between services.

Techron Service €20

Techron as part of a Full or Interim service €15

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Full service

€195 - €314

• All services carried out at manufacturer's recommended intervals.
• Using only manufacturer approved parts we continue your warranty
• Now include Free Sanitisation

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Interim service

€104 - €178

• Regular servicing delivers added safety and better fuel efficiency.

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NCT First Time Pass

€105 - €155

• Over half of cars tested fail first time because they haven’t been checked.
• If you fail after our NCT First Time Pass service, we’ll pay for the retest.*

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• We stock a huge range of tyres from all leading tyre manufacturers.
• We have tyre options for all cars to suit all budgets.

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