NCT First time pass package

Take the uncertainty out of the NCT test by having a booking in any of our locations Nationwide for our NCT First Time Pass Package!

NCT First Time Pass Package

Since the introduction of the NCT in 2000, the Road Safety Authority has made significant changes to the complexity of the test, which has led to rising failure rates in a number of motor categories. At present 51.8% of cars fail the first time. (Source – March 2017)

To increase your chance of passing all you have to do is to select our NCT FIRST TIME PASS PACKAGE .. and it applies for any car and any time you have to do the NCT. So our NCT First Time Pass Package includes a Basic service and a Headlight alignment plus checks for common NCT failures and it will cost just €99 for the full package.  If at the end of the NCT First Time Pass service we tell you you’ll pass, and if you don’t, we will pay your €28 retest fee.*

So we want to try and then make sure that your car will pass the test the second time and also help your wallet with this amazing offer.

BestDrive by Continental will help you by offering to pay for the re-test fee(currently €28) if you get ALL of the work that has been identified by the NCT centre (on their official NCT sheet) as the cause of failure carried out in our local branch*.

What are the repercussions if your car fails its NCT?

  • More time and money required to re-book the NCT at the test centre as well as getting the problems identified properly fixed so it will pass the second time
  • Possible €1500 fine and 5 penalty points for not displaying a valid NCT certificate
  • A surcharge on your insurance premium for getting 5 penalty points
  • Full details on the NCT test are available on

What does the BestDrive by Continental Pre-NCT Check Include?

Steering wheel play:

  • Front and rear wheel side slip
  • Steering linkage
  • Wheel bearings
  • Front and rear springs
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Shock absorber condition


  • Tyre condition and specification for all tyres
  • Tyre tread depth
  • Identification of suitable compliance markings
  • Spare wheel and external carrier
  • Steering & Suspension

Brake System:

  • Service brake pedal
  • Service brake operation
  • Mechanical brake hand lever
  • Mechanical brake components
  • Master cylinder / Servo / Valves / Connections
  • Brake lines and hoses
  • Brake wheel units
  • Brake fluid

Lighting Equipment:

  • Stop lamps / bulbs
  • Rear lamps and registration plate lamp
  • Side lamps
  • Headlamp condition
  • Headlamp aim
  • Auxiliary lamp condition

General Items:

  • Windscreen wipers and washers
  • Exhaust system condition and suitability
  • Visibility of driver with tinted windows
  • Compliant registration plates

Comment Items:

  • Seats / Safety belts
  • Windscreen and mirrors
  • Speedometer / Horn
  • Doors / Locks / Anti-theft devices / Towing
  • Indicators
  • General bodywork / Chassis / Underbody
  • Electrical System / Transmission / Fuel System

What is not included in the BestDrive by Continental Pre-NCT test?

  • Emissions – Emission testing for petrol cars is available in selected BestDrive branches. Please check with your local branch for further details
  • Adaptations for disabled drivers
  • Service brake performance
  • Service brake imbalance
  • Parking brake performance
  • Parking brake imbalance
  • Front axle performance
  • Rear axle performance
  • Correcting headlight aim
  • Correcting steering mis-alignment

What happens if we find items that may cause probable failure at your NCT?

If one of our qualified technical staff should identify some item(s) that require adjustment, repair or replacement in order to pass the NCT, we will issue you with a competitive quote for any work required and advise you of the time it will take to complete.

* The value of the re-test will be deducted from the total bill once the value of the repairs is over €100. Terms and conditions apply.

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