Free 5 point safety check

BestDrive by Continental knows that it takes a lot of time to do these checks yourself and have set up a special 5 point safety check for motorists.

It is essential to check the vital elements of your car on a regular basis, to make sure that the KEY safety elements are working properly for you on whatever journey you are planning to take.

5 point safety check cover the following items:

  1. Tyres – Checking all tyres including the spare for damage, perished rubber and also resetting the air pressure so that you get the most out of your tyres and much better fuel efficiency.
  2. Brakes – Checking your brake pads & discs, as they are essential in stopping your car.  We know the manufacturer minimum measurements and can advise you accordingly.
  3. Shocks – Checking your shock absorbers to make sure it all is in order.
  4. Wipers – Checking your wipers to make sure that they are clearing the windows efficiently and allowing you to have full view of the road ahead and behind. Wipers are one of the most common items not to be replaced in a vehicle and most manufacturers suggest that they should be changed each year.
  5. Lights / Levels – We’ll check all of your lights to ensure your safety. And we’ll also check all of the vital engine fluids in your car and topping up as required.  This includes up to 0.5litre of Engine oil (10W40 grade) to make sure that the engine has the proper fluids to run the vehicle efficiently and protecting some of the core engine components.

The 5 point safety check will take a minimum of 20 minutes.

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  • All services carried out at manufacturer's recommended intervals.
  • Using only manufacturer approved parts we continue your warranty
  • Now include Free Sanitisation
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  • Longer stopping distance
  • More frequent replacement
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NCT First Time Pass

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  • NCT approved
  • Tests show stopping distance up to 25% longer
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Tyre Check

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  • Tyre check could save lives
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