Varta Premium Batteries

Battery failure is always a nightmare for customers – last year over 30% of all roadside rescues carried out by Ireland leading recovery teams were to assist customers who had issues with the battery in their car.

And to add to the problems a significant number of the repeat calls were to the same customers who had the belief that the battery had been fixed after the first incident. Jump starting will get the car going again but the battery may not have enough “juice” to actually start your car again after a few hours.

BestDrive by Continental believes that it is vital that we supply customers with the very best value for money battery that you can source in the local market.

We have confidence that our customers can rely on VARTA batteries to reliably power your vehicle – after all, the majority of car manufacturers put their trust in the VARTA brand when it comes to choosing a battery for their new vehicles.

Varta battery engineers work closely with the leading vehicle manufacturers to design the best in class batteries with the very latest battery technology. BestDrive by Continental will ensure your vehicle is fitted with a VARTA battery when you bring it to us when it’s in need of replacement, you’ll be assured a long-lasting battery to reliably power your vehicle and all your accessories for total peace of mind.

Why choose a special Varta Battery?

The car is now more demanding than it used to be so your choice of battery now has to take into account all of the extra devices that may run off the battery e.g. GPS systems, phone chargers and perhaps video screens for the kids So you have extra battery power requirements that you need to cater for in your next battery purchase.

Did you know that the new START – STOP car management system that is now present in some many new cars needs specialized battery support to run properly.

BestDrive by Continental has a special Varta battery that is especially designed to cater for all of these extra requirements and will give you every chance of getting to and from your destination safely over the coming year.

Please look at our short video that explains the START – STOP requirements and the need to cater for this technology when you change your battery in the future.

BestsDrive by Continental can check the remaining life left in your current battery and can supply VARTA batteries across our 29 branches nationwide.

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