BestDrive offer customers a medically approved sanitisation for their car

Clean is beautiful but sanitised is better !


BestDrive introduced the sanitisation system about 9 months ago and can assure customers that it is MEDICALLY APPROVED and kills 99% of all bacteria, germs and virus modules by using Ozone in the car. This is the very best option you can get as it uses no chemicals and so is eco friendly and yet will fully sanitise your car.

The Ozone works with the air conditioning and gets into all parts of the system and so it makes the car cabin as clean as possible, so if you have had some travelling parties who have been unwell or you wish to remove odours form the car please contact your local BestDrive branch to book in for a sanitisation.

We all know the issues that Ireland and most of the world are facing with the explosion of particular bugs and viruses. We will have to follow all guidelines issues by the Government and in particular the Department of Health/HSE. One of the key constituents is to have improved personal hygiene at home and in work and that means that your personal vehicle will have to be addressed as well.

Two options exist … you can get a FREE sanitisation with every FULL car service  or you can book in for the sanitisation …. Quotes for the car service are available through our website by entering your car registration or contacting your local BestDrive branch. The pure sanitisation option will take about 30 minutes to arrange and will cost €29.95 (including VAT).

A full list of branches and their contact details are available for customers on the website under “Find a Branch”.


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from €229

  • All services carried out at manufacturer's recommended intervals.
  • Using only manufacturer approved parts we continue your warranty
  • Now include Free Sanitisation
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from 125

  • Longer stopping distance
  • More frequent replacement
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NCT First Time Pass

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  • NCT approved
  • Tests show stopping distance up to 25% longer
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Tyre Check

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  • Tyre check could save lives
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