Part worn Tyres – false economy and a danger to all on the roads!

Delighted to share this excellent article form Tyre Trade Journal that outlines a simple approach to part worn tyres. The views expressed here are fully endorsed by BestDrive and our view is that these tyres should NEVER be put on a vehicle.

Leaving the primary and crucial consideration of safety aside for a minute, If you labour under the misconception of thinking buying part worn is cheaper than buying new, you need to think again. 

Here are the reasons why this is certainly not usually the case.


Part worn tyres have been used, so they have less tread left on the tyre, which means although the price you pay may be lower, you’ll need to replace it much more quickly than a brand new tyre.

The minimum legal requirement of tread left on a part worn here in Ireland is 1.6mm, which is the same minimum legal tread for a car or van tyre on European roads.

In the UK, the minimum legal requirement of tread left on a part worn is 2mm, and the minimum legal tread depth in Ireland of 1.6mm leaving a difference of only 0.4mm, which is half the thickness of a credit card.

By comparison, a new tyre’s tread depth is usually close to 8mm.

In Ireland we have a fixed charge notice of €80 and two penalty points, if paid within 28 days, and up to four penalty points and an increased fine of €120 if the matter goes to court.

However, if you are convicted of the offence of driving with “dangerous tyres” on Irish roads, you could be fined up to €2,500, or receive a 3-month prison sentence, or both. You will also have five penalty points on your licence for such a conviction.

Remember, that while the pricing argument obviously does not stand up in favour of part worn tyres, it is your safety, that of the occupants of your vehicle and other road users that matters most, and on every possible consideration, new tyres are the only real option

Did you know?

Did you know that you can get two penalty points and an €80 fine for having incorrect tyre pressures on your vehicle?

The penalty point offence in question, ‘unsuitable tyre due to degree of inflation’, was one of a raft of new tyre related penalty point offences that were introduced in April 2016 by then Minister for Transport Paschal Donohue TD. 

The first allocation of penalty points under this measure was made during July 2017.

Did you know?

Late last year the Road Safety Authority announced that each month 8,500 vehicles are classified as being dangerously defective for tyre tread and tyre condition across the NCT and CVRT testing systems.

RSA research shows that there is no component in your vehicle that is as likely to contribute to a crash as your tyres. 

It was found that tyres were a contributory factor in an average of 14 roads deaths per year.

It added that driving on dangerous or under-inflated tyres puts your life and the lives of other road users at risk so don’t wait until your NCT comes around to check the health of your tyres. 

Your tyres are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, and yet, their importance to a vehicle’s safety and fuel economy is often overlooked.

Please make contact with your local BestDrive Branch to arrange to have the condition of your tyres checked and also that the correct air pressure is in all of the tyres to help you get to and from your destination in a safer manner.

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