General Tire Grabber AT³ with new tread compound

BestDrive by Continental Ireland’s leading supplier of 4×4 General Tires are delighted to introduce the latest generation of tread compounds for the Grabber AT3 model. It offers enhanced performance on wet roads alongside improved cut resistance for SUV tires. As a result, tires with a width over 225 millimeters have improved their EU rating for wet braking to “C”. At the same time, two new dimensions for rims with diameters of 21 and 22 inches have been introduced, and additional sizes are in the pipeline for next year.

New Tread Compound

At General Tire, safety is paramount. This also includes good grip on wet roads. Cut resistance is also an important criterion for drivers using all-terrain tires. This is why we’ve worked to constantly improve these performance criteria in tires with the Grabber AT³ profile to enhance their already strong reputation within the all-terrain sector. The SUV sizes now have the latest generation of tread compounds, resulting in better grip in the wet and improved cut resistance. This means, for all tires with a width over 225 millimeters, the EU rating for wet grip has improved from E to C.

New Dimensions

General Tire produces Grabber AT³ model tires for a wide range of vehicles, offering 73 items for rims with diameters between 15 and 22 inches; tread widths ranging between 195 and 315 millimeters, and tires that are approved for speeds up to 240 km/h. The new sizes for high-performance vehicles have the dimensions 275/45 R 21 110V XL and 275/40R22 108V XL FR. The American brand aims to further expand the product range next year.

“During the entire lifespan, product performance is constantly tested, measured and adapted to reflect the latest insights in tire manufacturing,” explains Eddie Ryan, Marketing Director at BestDrive by Continental.  “As a result, the use of new technologies represents an opportunity to improve safety and quality even further,” he adds.

Grabber AT3

This versatile and robust tire was developed for use on SUVs, pick-up trucks and off-road vehicles. It combines exceptional off-road capability and excellent grip on the road in all weather conditions.

So why not call into your nearest BestDrive branch to see the range of General Tyre options that exist for your vehicle and be sure that you are using the most up to date options available in the market today.


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