General Tire Celebrates Successful Sponsorship of TransAnatolia Rally 2019

The TransAnatolia Rally Raid in Turkey took place this year, with a route of over 2,000 km over challenging terrain. General Tire was a key sponsor of this year’s event, the first time the race has taken place in Turkey.

The world’s sixth biggest rally, the TransAnatolia is a huge international sporting occasion. The Turkish race was the 9th event held in 2019, with over 100 racers competing from all over the world. 

Split into motorcycle, 4×4 off-road, ATVs and truck categories, General Tire kitted out several 4×4 vehicles and equipped them with Grabber AT³ and Grabber X³ tires. One of these was driven by racing stars Kerim Tar and Onur Sırımoğlu. A hugely successful race, they were the only team to overcome all the obstacles set out on the rally.

General Tire also had a presence at the rally with a pop-up garage offering tire changes and services to the racing teams.

Eddie Ryan who is the Marketing Director with BestDrive by Continental in Ireland commented: “Contributing to the safety and performance of the racing teams was their highest priority. We are very proud to fulfil this with the General Tire brand, with tires that are especially designed for off road vehicles.

“The drivers joining this adventure were able to experience the tires first-hand, proving that they are suitable for any terrain, no matter if it is an undiscovered off-road or asphalt road. It was such a success that General Tire will continue supporting such activities and motor sports in line with General Tire’s corporate values and products. Their slogan “Anywhere is possible” fits perfectly to this adventure”.  

Kerim Tar, who was driving the vehicle equipped with Grabber X³ tires added: “If you are racing in the Raid category, you have to be more than ready for the changing weather conditions during the day. Here, the capability of the vehicles plays an important role, but the key factor is the tires. On this track, you have to pass powdery soil and mud pools up to 1.5 m deep, and mountainsides with a slope of up to 35 degrees. Under such extreme conditions, you should be able to rely on your equipment and you certainly can with General Tire.

“The performance from the tires was outstanding” Tar continued. “Our vehicle was not badly affected by big stones, because the thick and reinforced tread of Grabber X³s responded precisely to steering movements on tight ground, just like a racing tire. As to the loose ground, its aggressive pattern let us move ahead like under ordinary conditions. It made our job very easy. Thanks to X³, we could even catch up with the race and competition at three points on the track. What is more, compared to this type of tire, driving with it on asphalt is surprisingly quieter and smoother.”

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