Part worn tyres are dangerous!

Part worn tyres are dangerous – and here’s why

If you don’t know already, you need to be aware of the dangers of part worn tyres. Why? Because it could just your life. The sad truth is that while many Irish drivers know that part worns are available to buy, only a few realise that they pose a serious threat to their driver safety – and that of their fellow road users.

Okay, what exactly are the dangers of part worn tyres?

Simply put, in the view of all leading tyre manufacturers, independent tyre testers, and motoring organisations, part worn tyres are not fit for purpose. Why? Because, as their name suggests, part worns have already been used, and as a consequence are severely degraded – to way past their optimum best – by the time the next owner has fitted them to their vehicle.

At best, part worns are only part safe – and who wants to drive knowing they and their loved ones are at increased risk of accident from fitting bad tyres? It’s bonkers, right?!

How do part worns compare to new tyres?

Frankly, there is no comparison. When you purchase brand new premium tyres, like those made by Continental, they come with a full 8 mm of tyre tread depth. When it comes to part worns, the vast majority are resold with just 3 mm of tread depth – the point at which tyre safety experts recommend you remove tyres with this tread depth and fit brand new ones. Why? Because at 3 mm there is indisputable evidence that tyre wear degradation accelerates rapidly, seriously diminishing grip and taking the tread down to its legal minimum.

Worse still, many part worn tyres are sold with even less tread – anything down to the Irish road legal minimum of 1.6 mm. Shockingly, there have even been cases of part worns sold with even less tread depth than this. Good tyre tread depth is essential for generating the vital grip you need to drive safely on the road, particularly in wet weather conditions – and goodness knows we get enough of this in Ireland, right?


The hidden danger of part worns – tyre damage

And it gets worse, much worse. Part worns are very often sold with hidden, unseen tyre damage. This further increases the chances of having an accident if they’re fitted to your vehicle. Tears, cuts, nicks, bubbles or bulges – these can all severely compromise the integrity of the sidewall – vital for maintaining the vertical strength of the tyre, since they absorb so much of the pressures and stress that they undergo while driving. There’s also the risk of unseen nails, glass and other sharp objects embedded in part worns too, increasing the chance of puncture – or worse, tyre blow-out.

Make the right choice – fit brand new premium tyres with BestDrive by Continental

New premium tyres – like award winners from Continental – will provide infinitely better driving performance and safety characteristics. There’s simply no comparison or redeeming features with part worn tyres. Even their seemingly cheap price is a false economy – if you fit them, you’ll only have to replace them sooner, since they’re already so worn down when you fit them that they can’t possibly last for long. And that’s assuming they don’t cause you to have an accident!

Part worn tyres are dangerous tyres, and should be avoided at all costs – before you end up paying a price you really can’t afford.

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