Covid 19 – BestDrive Statement

BestDrive by Continental are currently open for business in all branches around the country.

BestDrive have an number of essential customer contracts that will help us through the current health crisis and these range from Ambulances to postal workers to emergency services, so we will be open to help these vital people get to and from their destinations.

To assure customers and visitors that we are complying with all HSE guidelines we would like to advise of the following:

  • BestDrive branches are medically sanitised each working day – this sanitisation kills 99% of all viruses and germs so the area is safe to visit and to work in
  • Bookings where possible should be made ONLINE of by PHONE
  • BestDrive staff have been issued with clear instructions following HSE guidelines for THEIR OWN safety and YOUR safety so please follow our simple instructions
  • Customers should not enter any premises if the reception area is already full of people
  • Seating in our reception areas will be spread out so that customers will have their own safe space
  • Seat covers will be used on all jobs by our staff
  • BestDrive would request that as much of the payments be carried out by card as possible

Further updates will be provided on our website and on Facebook as the need arises.

BestDrive by Continental – You drive, we care.