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What do tyres and trainers have in common? They’re both designed to give you safe contact with the ground as you move. So a collaboration between adidas and Continental makes perfect sense – and has delivered huge success.


It’s been 11 years since adidas designers and Continental tyre engineers began working together, developing running shoes with unique soles. Combining Continental’s knowledge of rubber compounds and their performance, with adidas’ understanding of runners and their requirements, it’s a partnership that’s worked brilliantly.

Continental were the natural choice of partner for adidas. The area of rubber on the road from a tyre is around the same as a trainer’s footprint. In both cases, that small space has to be packed with innovative rubber, tread and construction technology to maximise grip, traction and movement efficiency.

Naturally, the leading manufacturer of trainers looked to the tyre manufacturer with 140 years’ experience – supported by German engineering – for efficiency, reliability and safety.

In the decade the two expert teams have been working together, they have designed 130 different trainer models, and 60 million pairs have been produced. And some of them have been worn to set records and win medals.


Record-breaking runs

Runners wearing adidas trainers with Continental soles have set no fewer than three marathon world records, and won two Olympic medals.

But perhaps the greatest demonstration of Continental grip is the Guinness World Record won in a pair of these unique trainers. This is the record for the world’s steepest 50m sprint, which was run on a 37° gradient using a ski jump as the running track! The run was completed in just 27.69 seconds.

Just like Continental tyres, adidas trainers need to provide traction and grip, reduce the potential to slip, and help to optimise the efficiency of movement – whether that’s in a car, or running.

The adidas and Continental collaboration has developed the most effective rubber compounds, moulded them into the most efficient tread patterns, and then fixed them to ergonomically-designed adidas trainers that support the foot and boost performance. In fact, these trainers have been shown to provide as much as 30% more traction.


Continental and BestDrive

BestDrive also know a thing or two about traction, grip and safety. That’s why we’ve partnered with Continental over the years, to bring you great value promotions.

Now we’re doing it again, with the opportunity for you to win a voucher code for adidas trainers with Continental soles.

Be sure to ask about this special promotion next time you drop in, drive in – or run in – to BestDrive.

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Run this way

adidas trainers with Continental soles will definitely improve your running. These top tips will improve it even more.


A workout for your feet

Put a small ball on the floor, and gently roll it from the heel to the ball of your bare foot. 30 seconds on each foot, morning and night, will improve proprioception, and loosen the tissues on the soles of your feet.


Happy landings

Landing each stride on the front of your foot is less hard on your feet than landing on your heel.


Slap it up…

Your foot should strike the ground with a quick slap, as this is the most efficient way to transfer the force to your hips and pelvis to drive you forward. A slower strike lets energy seep into the ground instead.


…but softly

Soft contact with the ground reduces injury risk. Try imagining you’re treading on a puppy’s tail. You don’t want to hear it yelp!


Your laces, your way

Your lacing pattern should suit your foot. If one area feels too tight, for example, try missing out that particular eyelet.


Ask an expert

Even an adidas trainer with a Continental sole needs to be properly fitted if it’s going to optimise your running. Get expert advice, allow plenty of time – and you’ll see the results on your next run.


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