BestDrive advise customers that car sanitisation should be booked in advance due to recent health challenges in Ireland

BestDrive by Continental are advising customers who wish to avail of the SANITISATION package for their car, which is available in almost all 28 branches nationwide to contact their branch in advance to make a prior booking.

Due to the recent surge in health notices branches are getting a lot of customers just calling in and to avoid lengthy delay it is best if we can schedule the majority of these sanitisation jobs in the branch each day to minimise wait times.

Cars that are getting a FULL car service will get the sanitisation FREE of CHARGE as part of the car service package, but customers who just want the sanitisation package will pay €29.95 (inc VAT) for the service and it will take about 30 minutes to complete.

The sanitisation is medically approved and is provided by our partners Sanity Systems. The system uses ozone to eliminate 99% of all bacteria and viruses from the cabin of the car and is essential for maintaining the health of some niche groupings who may have certain medical conditions.

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