Battery issues may happen as a result of inactivity due to COVID19 – BestDrive offer advice to motorists!

BestDrive by Continental Battery advice

What Do I Have to Consider When I Restart My Car after the Coronavirus Shut Down? 

▪ The car should start again without problem if you follow a few tips 

▪ Charging is better than disconnecting or removing the battery

▪ A battery check provides peace of mind 

Over the past few weeks we know many people were working from home instead of daily commuting, no visits to the family or friends during the Easter or May bank holiday weekends. 

We are also aware that following Government guidelines that road traffic has fallen massively throughout the Ireland, and for many people come to a complete standstill due to social distancing restrictions. 

According to some sources traffic has fallen by 75% in some areas of the country. Many car drivers are therefore wondering: 

Will my car start reliably when the restrictions are relaxed? 

Car batteries should be able to cope with several weeks of not being used, however for longer periods, our key battery supplier (VARTA) recommend following this advice:

• If possible, drive the car for 20-30 minutes rather than just very short journeys. This will allow the alternator to fully recharge the battery. 

• Turn off the radio and use the electric windows and electric sunroof as little as possible, and only use the air conditioning system at a low level. This is because all these functions draw power that can be better used to charge the battery during this specific 30 minute drive. 

• If the car is parked for extended periods, keep the doors and boot closed and locked, only open if really necessary. This will keep the car in automatic sleep mode therefore the power consumption of all electrical devices will be reduced to an absolute minimum – as soon as they open it wakes the electrical consumers and they start to draw power from the battery. 

• Ensure the battery is dry and clean, as dirt and moisture between the terminals can cause creeping currents and accelerate the discharge of the battery 

• Even if a battery is easily accessible, it is better to charge it rather than to disconnect and remove it. Electronic systems in newer vehicles can trigger error messages or lose data when the power supply is interrupted, which then may require a visit to the garage workshop to be reset. It’s enough to check the voltage from time to time and recharge the battery as soon as it drops below 12.4 volts. 

BestDrive branches can all check the voltage in your battery and can indicate if the battery is good or whether it needs to be replaced as it is close to “failure” status. This battery check can be booked online and is FREE of CHARGE. 

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